Building Back Better

Good Intentions Pave The Road To Change

20th September 2022
Building on our last article on Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) – part of our Building Back Better series – this text explores how implementing concrete DEI and environmental action in business events plays a critical role in creating positive societal transformation.
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The Social Purpose of Associations

20th June 2022
In her latest contribution to Boardroom’s Building Back Better series, Vancouver-based Coro Strandberg reveals additional findings of a recent survey among American associations—and how some of them have made sustainability and ESG part of their mission and operations.
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Building Back Better: How Associations Can Drive Forward Carbon Reduction

16th December 2021
New CSR commitments from both conferences and venues are using events as a way to reduce carbon emissions from both the types of materials used and from the transport that would carry them. As part of Boardroom’s Building Back Better series, we’ll look at how these initiates extend beyond the conference and into communities to lead by example.
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