How to Call Board Meeting to Order

Organizing workflow within governance structures often requires the use of effective practices and techniques. With the active use of virtual portals and boards, this process has become more open and easy to organize and conduct, but you cannot do without certain techniques for implementing one or another step. we suggest learning a little more about … Continue reading “How to Call Board Meeting to Order”

Nightmare of Conflict Between Management and Board of Directors

Building working relationships in a company requires a great deal of hard work and time from both employees and management. Management structures in particular play an important role in creating a positive atmosphere in the company. But what if there is a conflict between management and the board of directors? What should ordinary employees do … Continue reading “Nightmare of Conflict Between Management and Board of Directors”

How Does Voting Work at a Board Meeting

Many companies practice a democratic governance model in which all important decisions are made by voting. This model of management gives an opportunity to discuss a problem and find the most acceptable solution for the benefit of the whole company. Each company has its own peculiarities of the voting procedure, but in most cases, it … Continue reading “How Does Voting Work at a Board Meeting”