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18 Months Like No Other

22nd October 2021
Boardroom talked to Ronald Lavater, CEO of the International Hospital Federation, as he is approaching the end of his first year at IHF – which was obviously full of challenges… but also opportunities.
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Building Back Better: Associations Advancing the Future

13th October 2021
In the wake of the pandemic, associations are proving that now more than ever, they play an instrumental part in designing the future world we want to live in, one that is better capable of tackling pandemics and providing for populations of all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.
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Capturing Member Voices Amidst the Noises of COVID-19

11th October 2021
For AC Forum, Carola van der Hoeff, COO and Congress Director of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and President Elect of AC Forum, explores the lessons learnt and lessons still to be learnt when it comes to understanding and engaging association members.
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Invigorating Road to Recovery

1st October 2021
Fresh ideas, lasting-legacy meetings and newly built facilities seem to be the main ingredients destinations need to employ when looking to the future. MEET TAIWAN, the island’s convention bureau, is reshaping Taiwan’s meetings industry by taking the lead in all three.
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Sustainability is the New Currency

15th September 2021
Nadia Rubtsova, creator of the Business & Events Academy, shares how, back when she was working for the European Health Management Association, she created together with her team and partners a one-of-a-kind, highly sustainable event.
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Reducing Financial Risks for Associations

13th September 2021
Boardroom wanted to know more about the Pre-Financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF) which can be so helpful for associations planning an event in The Netherlands. Project leader Paul Gruijthuijsen was happy to answer.
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The Green Promises of Jeju

8th September 2021
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Jeju, the largest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, is dominated by the 1950m Mt Hallasan and complete with spectacular waterfalls, protected forests, caves and lava tubes. With such an awe-inspiring environment, it’s only normal the island wants to lead the way when it comes to green initiatives.
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Life Sciences – When an Intellectual Asset Equals Economic Growth

31st August 2021
As Canada’s emerging life sciences industries continue to grow and make an impact both nationally and abroad, associations meeting in the country’s innovation hubs have a chance to connect with the brain trust itself, collaborating with thought leaders and witnessing first-hand how Canada’s home-grown solutions are addressing the world’s greatest health concerns.
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